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New products

  • Leister 100.689 230V 1550W heating elements for Triac S
  • Leister 143.504 3├Ś400v 16kw heating elements for LHS 61L SYSTEM
  • 245├Ś60mm arc ceramic infrared heater for thermoforing machine
  • Factory sell enail titanium nail vaporizer coil heater
  • Flexible silicone rubber freeze-proofing oil tank heater
  • Industry electric extruder ceramic band heater
  • U shape industrial immersion tubular heater 240v
  • SUS304 3d printer heating rod cartridge heater
  • Casting aluminum band heater for extruder line
  • K/J/T/S/B/R type general thermocouple
  • Industrial flat nichrome wire Cr20Ni80 heating wire

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