Casting aluminum band heater for extruder line

  • Casting aluminum band heater for extruder line

Product Description

Casting aluminum band heater for extruder line

About ceramic band heater:

Cast-in heater is a tubular heater for heating body, and bending molding, into the mold with metal alloy for shell in centrifugal cast into various shapes, a round, flat, rectangular, air-cooled, water-cooled and other special-shaped etc.. After finishing it and heated body tightly, metal casting heater is a kind of heat uniformity division of the heater, thermal conductivity, excellent metal alloy, ensure the hot surface temperature uniformity, eliminating equipment hot and cold spots. 

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Extruder Barrels / Extrusion Die Heads

Thermoforming equipment

Blow Moulding machines

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Food warming

Medical equipments

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Order Guide

Please specify the following when ordering.

1. The inner diameter (mm) and length (mm) of heaters

2. Thickness of heaters

3. Voltage and power density

4. Wiring type and position

5. Order quantity

* It’s better to provide us with the drawings/pictures


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